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Bowls, One of Australia’s biggest participant sports, with well over half-a-million registered players, is experiencing a new wave of popularity and attracting an increasing number of younger players.

It is a game which offers keen competition, a sporting attitude and a club camaraderie. It can be played at many levels of proficiency, but for any bowler there is always something to learn in developing skills, tactical strength and winning attitudes.

Australia’s master and best-known bowls personality is John Snell, who has created a phenomenal record in club, state, national and international bowls in recent years.

In this thoughtful and instructive book, John Snell points out that there is much more to bowls than meets the eye. To play the game well requires dedication, physical fitness and subtlety of mind — a challenge for any age group.

Applying the thoroughness and attention to detail that have taken him to the top in bowls, John Snell gives step-by-step instructions to teach you the fundamentals of the game, outlining common pitfalls and how to overcome them. His practical advice is aided by colour photography and on-the-green graphics to show how to perfect your technique.

A series of photographs which details tactical plays, and a chapter on the championship factor in bowls — the mental approach — are included.

Bill Pritchard, leading sports television producer and creator of Jack High, has lent his special expertise to the book, as has Jack High commentator and sports personality, Ian Cleland. It was this popular television series which made John Snell nationally famous.

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